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ink on paper
30 x 44 in (76 x 112 cm)
‘The whole world is a theater, and the people in it are actors’ -William Shakespeare Many of us have heard this phrase. And if we look at our life from this point of view, what image can we put together? What if we try to put it on paper? We probably will start drawing the characters and items that are significant to us at this particular time. Can they be authentic from our life experiences or fictional from our dreams or perhaps feelings? Will your picture be complete, or will you leave some room for more characters and images? Everything is up to you as you are the director, and I find it fascinating.
The Ground
ink on paper
40 x 30 in (102 x 76 cm)
$ 7,200
This work is more about feelings than words - feelings that are growing into images. It is about how we can feel when we see the first young shoots appear on the Earth's surface. The Earth is our home, and we- plants, animals, and people are her children, and we are one. Each of us has a soul and our journey.
ink on paper
23 x 28 7/8 (58.5 x 73 cm)
$ 4,000
2020 has been a particular year for all of humanity. So many were left alone, captured by the walls of their homes. Screen monitors were the only doors into the world for many. It seemed like the whole world was under the giant computer. This time taught us to meet and even sense other people's feelings through computer monitors. We learned to pay attention that there is a living person with feelings, desires, and emotions behind every gadget. And the whole experience has shown us that in-person communications, where you can touch another person and exchange energies, are essential for us as human beings.
Cat & Elf
ink on paper
11 x 7.5 inches
$ 500
We feel a magical aura when cats are around. But what if this magic comes from elves rustling their wings around cats? As long as we have cats and elves in this world, there will be peace and harmony.