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I perceive this works as a collection of intricate dialogues between the medium and my imagination. Each work stands as a chapter within 'Chronicle,' a collection probing the subtleties of human experience, emotion, and the natural world. These pieces constitute a conversation that extends beyond the artist and paper, reaching out to the viewer and the unfolding narratives within the detailed intricacies. Every work captures a moment in time, a fragment of contemplation, seamlessly interwoven into a tapestry that resonates with the collective journey of life and the marvels of the imaginative realm.

ink, paper
40 x 30 inches (102 x 76 cm)
As an artist, I have found inspiration in the mysterious symbolism surrounding fish and the profound meanings they embody. With their multifaceted symbolism aquatic creatures have been associated with concepts such as Teachers, Saviors of the World, ancestors, and wisdom. I sought to capture the essence of these symbolic fish in my drawing. Another symbol that has deeply intrigued me in my artistic exploration is the ancient and universal motif of the egg. Across different cultures, the egg holds profound significance, often symbolizing the arrival of spring and the radiant sun, bringing light and warmth. Moreover, it represents the transition from non-being to being, symbolizing the rebirth of nature through the fertilization of forces and the profound choice of life emerging from primordial emptiness. Within my composition, three ethereal images hover above the vast expanse of the universe, personifying the cosmic mind. They embody the essence of the cosmos, which serves as the wellspring of life on Earth and governs the cosmic laws directing the planet's evolution. Furthermore, these celestial entities symbolize the human pursuit of knowledge and the construction of purposeful existence on Earth. When a viewer encounters my artwork, I aspire for them to witness the interconnectedness inherent in all things. Through the convergence of these diverse and profound symbols, an image of the World is birthed, symbolizing the harmonious unity of the cosmos, Earth, and the individual's quest for enlightenment and understanding. I invite the viewer to contemplate the profound relationship between cosmic forces and the burdens of humanity, encouraging them to find their awareness and place within this vast tapestry.